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[Death Note] [Mello/Hal] bye-bye, security deposit

Once again, I am cutting it down to the wire with these 30_kisses thingies. ^_^;; And, because I'm completely insane, I've also claimed Yamamoto/Gokudera from Reborn. 'Cause I love them so~. &hearts

Title: bye-bye, security deposit
Series: Death Note
Pairing: Hal, the SPK; implied Mello/Hal.
Prompt: #24 - goodnight @ 30_kisses.
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 650
Notes: Set post series, so spoilery.
Summary: A gunshot slices through the dark, kissing bone, muscle, grey matter, and Hal wonders, dimly, if he would hate her for being so unfaithful.

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